Whole Self Healing ~ Denise Neal

~ testimonials

"I highly recommend Denise for Shiatsu sessions. She is extremely experienced, intuitive, and has such a deep caring attitude. She is wonderful, experienced, and professional. I went to Denise with extreme anxiety, and major insomnia. Her Shiatsu sessions worked miraculously in balancing my body and "fixing" my issues. I would HIGHLY recommend Denise."
~ Susan

"I have been seeing Denise for about three or four months now. When I first came to her I was eating pain pills like candy. Thanks to her wonderful healing abilities and caring personality I don't take the pills any more. I am so happy that I met her and that she is now my therapist."
~ Ed

"Denise is truly unique in her ability to sense the best way to treat her clients. She is kind, intuitive, gentle and her hands are an amazing gift. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to go beyond the typical body work to a more focused whole body treatment."
~ Steve

"I have been receiving shiatsu treatments from Denise for almost 2 years and believe her to be an amazing therapist and wonderful person. She is concerned not only with your physical self well being, but your whole self well being. She always takes time before a session to assess what would most benefit you on that day, and then after the session to see how and what helped to bring you back to center. I have suffered from chronic neck pain, bad menstrual cramps and migraines; Denise’s form of shiatsu has helped in relieving all of these for me. I have also received therapeutic massages from Denise and she has a fabulous way of melting away tension and relieving sore/tight muscles. Denise is an extremely professional, positive, nurturing and caring Certified Massage Therapist who will do everything she can to cater to your individual needs. I consider myself very lucky to have found her."
~ Laurie

"I went to Denise for a Numerology session, and highly recommend this. It gave me a deeper understanding of myself and provided confirmation for myself for various areas in my life. She is wonderful."
~ Susan

"Denise, I am so happy to tell you that I did not even come close to a migraine last week. I can't tell you how happy I am with this experience!  I'm telling everyone I know."
~ Renee

"Every aspect of this treatment was of great benefit to my whole being. I can hardly wait to go again. The clinic price was really reasonable. Denise is a healer and has found her talent."
~ T W

"Denise, is saying thanks enough? I feel for people like you, its much too simple and small. When I read your email I really smiled. It's the way you wrote everything. Am I making sense? People like you, who go out of the way to people in distress, are few. It sounds inadequate, but let me thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks, sincerely Rina"
~ Rina

"I am having a lot of pain from wearing shoes that do not support my arch. Dr.'s had very expensive solutions, so I scheduled with Denise and she brought the pain down and did adjustment on my feet with great results in one visit. I will need more visits soon for the full correction. This is a very good solution and far less expensive than medical tests. She is a great healer on many levels."
~ Tacy

"Denise, the bottom line, you are just wonderful at your healing arts, and NOBODY compares to you. I know you will build a fantastic practice in Austin."
~ S M

"I am a pianist, and Denise is able to relieve the pain and muscle fatigue associated with sitting at the piano for hours and hours. I highly recommend her to any musician as part of a weekly practice routine."
~ Tara

"The setting was very relaxing and Denise is very knowledgeable in the healing of most things that ail you. I can't wait to go back, her hands are a god send to my back."
~ James

"I have been seeing Denise for six months and every time I make an appointment, the time seems to take forever then after the time comes, I wish it wasn't over. I would, and have recommended any one to experience her work. She is truly gifted and her hands work miracles."
~ J D

"I had a wonderful massage with Denise on Sunday. I came away feeling relaxed, renewed and pampered. I look forward to the next time I am able to experience this."
~ Donna

"I went to Whole Self Healing for the first time yesterday. The massage was great. I really like the way Denise can tune in to sore spots. I recommend her!"
~D S