Whole Self Healing ~ Denise Neal

~ zen shiatsu

Shiatsu is a form of Asian body work that uses finger pressure to assist the energy within your body to move more freely, which in turn helps facilitate healing on many different levels.
Shiatsu literally means finger pressure as the 'shi' means finger and 'atsu' means pressure, and that's primarily what I use during a session, as well as palms, forearms, and/or elbows.  Whole Self Healing Shiatsu

The finger pressure is used to 'free up' the energy (ki) that flows through a system of 15 highway-like meridians that run throughout the body. This pressure stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic, hormonal, neuromuscular, muscular-skeletal, respiratory, digestive, and autonomic nervous system... allowing for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health on many levels.

Shiatsu can be particularly effective with issues such as:
* anxiety * hormonal imbalances, including menstrual migraines * gastrointestinal  disorders * sleep problems * chronic fatigue * circulatory problems * hyperactivity * respiratory issues * depression, etc.
Gentle stretches and joint rotations are also employed to assist in flexibility, physical and energetic balance, as well as to better access the meridians and unblock 'stuck' energy.

A Shiatsu session begins with a health history and brief conversation, followed by palpation of the abdomen (Hara) to help determine which meridians should to be worked. The client is fully clothed in loose comfortable (scent-free) clothing and socks, and no oils are used. Sessions are performed on a standard massage table.

Shiatsu is my favorite modality and my specialty. I absolutely love doing it and have seen amazing benefits from the work. It's important that my clients experience a deep relaxation, peace and calmness that are fundamental to self healing, and it's my intention to provide sessions that are nurturing, supportive and safe. The client's needs are always well respected and sessions can be modified as much as possible, to suite the client's particular needs.

Shiatsu is a powerful modality to initiate health and an excellent tool for balancing your whole being.