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~ numerology

Numerology is an ancient science that utilizes the letters in your name and the date of your birth to provide an insight into one's character, talents, struggles and urges.

Whole Self Healing NumerologyThrough the use of numerology, conversation and intuition, I'm able to recognize how karma and personal choices affect your life experiences and explain it in an uncomplicated manner. I've been reading numbers for 30 years and provide a different style of interpretation than other numerologists. I'm extremely straight-forward and it is amazingly accurate to help you better understand your journey so you can take steps to enhance it, allow it, and learn from it.

* If you would like a numerology profile *

Click the Numerology 'Buy Now' link on the Info page to bring you to Paypal. You will need to include your entire full name AT BIRTH and your birthdate, and I will calculate and prepare your explanation. I will then send you an email so we can set up an appointment for us to talk, either on the phone, through Skype, or in person. You may also email me your information prior to our appointment and pay at the time of our meeting.

A standard profile will take approximately an hour and includes a detailed overview of your 4 primary vibrations, your intensities and missing numbers, and your personal year.

* If you are interested in attending or hosting a numerology class *

I provide 3 hour classes/workshops in basic numerology in Boulder County. If you'd like to attend a class, or would like to be host to a class, please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Classes are $25 per person, and class size is minimum of 5. Email me for more info.

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 ~ energetic healing

 We, as humans, are composed of a complex system and layers of energy that influence the physical, emotional, psychological and/or spiritual levels of our being. Energetic Healing provides another way to restore balance and harmony to these systems. It can be extremely therapeutic as a modality in and of itself, but it can also be a tremendous support in addition to other medical treatments and practices.

Whole Self Healing EnergyMany ailments that attack the physical body can often be traced to an emotional or mental issue (stress) that has broken through our energetic fields and reached the physical body. Not only is energetic healing a wonderful tool to restore and balance these fields, but like shiatsu, energywork received on a regular basis may strengthen one's own energetic support system to protect oneself from dis-ease in many different forms.

I've received training in Therapeutic Touch, Chi Kung and Healing Touch. All are gentle, non-invasive techniques and are generally performed without touching the body, and can even be performed remotely. I may use a varied combination of these techniques during any bodywork session, to help realign unbalanced energy and stimulate healing and inner peace.