Whole Self Healing ~ Denise Neal

~ about me

Clairaudient, clairescient, and able to see aura around all things since I can remember, I've been blessed to have had a very holistic and metaphysical upbringing, being exposed to the healing arts and the paranormal since a very young child. I understood from early on that there was more to things than meets the eye.
Aside from being a second generation massage therapist/healer, I am an empath, a numerologist, a counselor, VP of Boulder Healing Arts Association (BHA), an ordained minister and a full-time mom.

As a practitioner, I believe that we are each responsible for our own healing. A good healing practitioner does not 'fix' her clients, but rather provides the resources and acts as a catalyst for the client to facilitate their own healing. The techniques I use in my work are traditional and non-traditional massage techniques, as well as those based in energetic healing and Asian medicine.

Being a natural communicator, I'm down-to-earth, genuinely caring and exceptionally open-minded. It's important that my clients experience a peace and calmness that is fundamental to self healing, and when combined with various healing practices, I wish to provide an experience that is nurturing, supportive and relaxing. All which will assist my clients to balance and heal physically, emotionally and psychologically.

          An integral part of my work is my personal philosophy in which everything has it's reason for being. No matter how difficult or painful a situation may seem, I can often help my clients consider a different perspective to better understand, accept and if so desired, change a situation. My personal experiences are many and varied, and I offer a no-nonsense approach to getting through the tough times and understanding our life experiences. With my natural analytical tendencies and diverse personal experiences, I've developed the ability to help my clients consider confusing or painful issues and how those issues affect their well-being in every way.

On a personal level, I'm able to empathize and help those with fragrance and chemical sensitivities, which I acquired through chemical injury in 2010. Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is extremely difficult, but because of my experience, I am able to provide a chemical and scent/fragrance free office, as well as offering suggestions for a chemically free lifestyle. See my Fragrance-Free Policy for more info.

I am a graduate of the esteemed Boulder College of Massage Therapy 1000 Hour CMT Program, am Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and am Registered in the state of Colorado. I hold individual Certifications in Massage Therapy, Zen Shiatsu, and Energetic Healing, and have 1155 hours of formal education in anatomy, physiology, and various forms of healing arts. I've been an executive of Boulder Healing Arts Association for thirteen years, and involved in the healing arts community all my life.
Born in New York and raised in Florida, I attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale twice and have a background in advertising, media arts and communication. I'm a mother of three incredible sons, two who also have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Fairs~ fairs

  The Boulder Healing Arts Association has been putting on free holistic fairs for the public for over fourteen years, and you can sometimes find me there.

For a list of BHA fairs and other goings-on in the area, go to our BHA calendar of events.

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