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Benefits - Business

Benefits - Business
For Business Members
BHA Provides:

An opportunity to support the healing arts community.
An opportunity to expand your market and attract new business.
An opportunity to network with, trade with, and use the services of very talented and qualified practitioners and other business associates.
An opportunity for you to be a part of the healing arts community in learning and the education process.
An opportunity for you to educate others about your business/product/service.

Business member Joe Eberle.  He is The College Store, providing advice on all aspects of finding the best college opportunities for graduating high school seniors.  They see your student through all the college processes, from SAT's to College Graduation - and everything in between.  Joe is also a Master NLP practitioner/teacher,

**Please note: We do not accept MLM businesses as members, and will not allow BHA to be used as a MLM recruiting platform. We understand that many members may have MLM/Network Marketing businesses, but this is not the purpose/focal point of BHA membership and BHA will not promote or endorse such businesses or their modalities/techniques through any of our promotional platforms or events.