Blue Sun

Dedicated to
Global Awakening

Creating foundations of peace, joy and optimal health
The end of suffering through healing the mind
Understanding the Science of Subtle Energies
Teaching ancient healing techniques using laws of Vibrational Resonance and Entrainment
A Universal State of Oneness
Assisting others in Awakening to the Grace which permeates All
About Us 
When David and Erina met several years ago, they knew within days that they were destined to come together for a Higher Purpose. Erina’s background was in Conventional and Alternative Medicine, while David, a former counselor and musician, had been working with Quantum Biofeedback. The signs and circumstances around their meeting convinced them that they had a Golden Opportunity to experience and extend the frequency of Divine Union. As they both developed their skills in alternative approaches to Healing, Erina and David found themselves training and Certifying Health Practitioners around the world. This work soon led to the realization that true and lasting healing must occur at the deepest of all levels, awakening us to our true Divine Nature.
Through this understanding, the Cowan’s have developed a Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Healer Coach Licensing program as well as a Certification in Spiritual Dowsing. Students who have attended this course remark on the depth of personal transformation they experience through the introduction of Higher Spiritual teachings, experiential exercises, Spiritual Initiations, including the ‘Oneness Blessing’, and exposure to futuristic technologies aimed at accelerating progress on the Path to Enlightenment. The purpose of this training is in elevating our Healing Practices to the level of true and lasting healing which occurs on the level of Mind as it recognizes Self as Spirit. David and Erina expand their passion with this work into other areas of trainings, presentations and private sessions.
Spiritual Healer Coach Licensing Program
Training Seminars in the most advanced Energetic Technologies, including The Quantum Home Trainer, Sacred Scalar Sound Healing Technologies and other Spiritual Healing systems.
Our teachings are founded on the non-dual principles of  'A Course in Miracles'.
Lectures and Workshops:
Earth Changes and the Mayan Calendar.
New Dimensions in Dowsing.
Soulful Communication and the Art of Relationship.
The Healing Power of Forgiveness.
Sound and Light Therapies.
Graceful Integration of Global Vibrational changes.
The Oneness Blessing, Ilahinoor and other energetic transferences which help facilitate a smooth acceleration in the Enlightenment process. These waves of Grace are intended to assist in the evolutionary leap of Consciousness that is at hand.
Dave and Erina also offer:
Private SCIO Sessions and Training with Dave - $99/hr
Dave is one of the Pioneering instructors for Quantum Biofeedback, having trained hundreds of Practitioners internationally for many years.
Private Dowsing Sessions with Dave - $99/hr
Get creative answers to nagging problems and be empowered to take your Life back from where you may be stuck.
Personal Remote Sessions with Erina - $99/hr
Erina works with Spiritual Dowsing to reveal and release unconscious blockages and create new realities.
“Erina and Dave, I just want to thank you both again for the wonderful week we spent on the Spiritual Healer Coach program (Sept. 15-19). Thank you for all your work and organization in putting this course together. You both have such a wonderful way of getting the information out there and filling our days (and nights!) with all sorts of interesting, stimulating, calming meditations, ideas, and different modalities. It was a fantastic week spent with friends, meeting new friends, making connections, and breathing and living the whole course as ONE. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am blessed to be part of this course and to grow into a oneness. The awareness is greater, the returning to the now is quicker, and I don't want to suffer any more!!! HA Many abundant blessings.”   .... Mona

"You may not remember, but you were so kind and helped me address my migraine headaches. I wanted to let you know that I have not had a headache since!! For someone that has has a headache a day every day for about 30 years, you have no idea how liberating these past days have been. Words cannot thank you enough. Your course has changed my perspective and I am so honored and privileged to have been one of your students." - Thank you again, WD"
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