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Benefits - Practitioners

Benefits - Practitioners
BHA Supports Our Practitioner
Members By:

Providing a networking community for healing practitioners.
Building a referral base of qualified practitioners, in order to better take care of patients and clients in a truly whole-istic way.
Providing advertising of the membership to the community and a strong internet presence.
Providing information  regarding insurance, taxes, basic business knowledge, advertising, etc.
Arranging health fairs/nurturing days/psychic fairs, etc. at local businesses, offices, hospitals, hospices, and other community outlets.
Providing healing days for healers in which to nurture self and trade services/network with other practitioners.
Organizing and using 'Healing Arts Health Samplers' to allow the community to meet the members in a safe & friendly environment.
Organizing and using  Psychic Fairs, to introduce different aspects of healing and perspectives in a safe and friendly environment.

Providing an opportunity for you to educate the public about your services and other topics of interest in areas of your expertise.
Providing continual education opportunities at affordable rates.  
Referral and message center through phone, fax, e-mail.
Inclusion in the BHA Directory.
Providing individual web pages for it's members; Internet presence through BHA web sites.
Connections, Connections, Connections.  We provide connections to others in order to build business and personal references (from finding someone to help you market your 'widget' to finding a buyer for your house).
all services and products of fellow members.

To request an application to join BHA -

**Please note: We do not accept MLM businesses as members, and will not allow BHA to be used as a MLM recruiting platform. We understand that many members may have MLM/Network Marketing businesses, but this is not the purpose/focal point of BHA membership and BHA will not promote or endorse such businesses or their modalities/techniques through any of our promotional platforms or events.