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Certified Reflexologist and
Healing Arts Practitioner
Loveland, Colorado

Anita Kindt, a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Healer, and Intuitive Artist, schedules sessions which use reflexology, sound healing, Reiki and other subtle energy work, and aromatherapy.
Anita's Soul Portrait by Katherine Skaggs. Visionary artist, teacher, shamanic practioner, author. www.katherineskaggs.comAnita feels fortunate to be able to provide energy work of various modalities for people to use while creating their own inner harmony and holistic healing. She believes that if we develop our human potential we can have an exceptional quality of life – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Anita's Soul Portrait by Katherine Skaggs.
Anita's business, Glorious Mountain Energy Work, in Loveland, CO, provides holistic therapy with modalities which may help relieve stress and tension, unblock and re-balance the body's subtle energies, and aid in healing. Helping you create inner harmony.  Anita can help you in accessing your inner guides, working with life’s cycles and rhythms, creative visualizations, intuitive art, and understanding the chakras. Classes are available in reflexology, energy work, essential oils, intuitive art work, accessing your intuition and learning about your guides.
Hours: Mon.-Fri, 4pm-8pm, Sat/Sun - 8am-8pm
1/2 hour session for stress relief and balancing - $30
1 hour session for working on chronic problems or accessing your inner guidance - sliding scale $25 - $90.
Reflexology, reiki, sound healing, energy work, visualization, inner guidance, and aromatherapy may be scheduled alone or in combination with other modalities.
Add-ons to a session which aren't done at the same time and cause the session to be longer will be $5 for each 10 minutes. Some add-ons cannot be done at the same time.

Reflexology - Sole Matters 
Reflexology is a healing modality which is based on the premise that there are reflex areas on the hands, feet, and ears, which relate to all of the organs, glands, and areas of the body. When these reflex areas are properly stimulated, the body can begin to achieve better health, harmony, and natural balance.
The science of reflexology is holistic, treating the whole individual - body, mind, and spirit. Imbalances in one aspect can affect the health of our entire being.
There is archaeological evidence that footwork to promote better health was practiced by the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian civilizations as long ago as 2500 BC.
Read more about the benefits of Reflexology Here.

Energy Work 
Energy work is a term used to encompass a wide spectrum of modalities. These healing therapies are based on the concept that subtle energy fields create an aura in and around the human body. This energy aura holds the vibration of different aspects of our being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our level of vital or life force energy changes with the challenges we face as we move through life. If these energies become depleted or blocked we may feel distraught, unhealthy, or unbalanced.  Techniques such as massage, reflexology, Reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, and herbal medicine work to bring the body into homeostasis or balance. They can be used to aid people who are fatigued, depressed, anxious, concerned with their path in life, seeking spiritual growth, or in need of healing.
Some of the modalities offered are Reflexology, Sound Healing, Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Inner Guidance, Nature Centered Healing, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Art, Visualizations.
Classes Available: 
   Balanced Being - An overview of holistic therapies
   Sole Matters - An Introduction to Reflexology
   Create a Healing Sound - An Introduction to Sound Healing
   Vibrational Medicine - An overview of energy healing therapies
   It's Crystal Clear - An Introduction to working with crystals
   Walking Inner Paths - An Introduction to Using Your Intuition
   Wheels, Circles, and Cycles - using the rhythms of life
   Essential Oil Know How - An Introduction to aromatherapy
   Dialogues with a Muse - Creating a personal sketchbook/journal - play in art and words
   Working with Human Energy 101
   More Work with Human Energy

Interested? Send an email to or call  (970) 667-8796.
Member- Boulder Healing Arts Association