Dr. Angelika Schultz
Erie, Colorado

Specialized in Craniosacral Therapy, I work with people of all ages, yet the focus of my practice is Craniosacral Therapy with babies, children, and families, craniosacral work during pregnancy and birth, and Birth Integration Therapy.

Children Ė and adults Ė who have healed and integrated their adventure of birth are free to move on, to use their strength for exploring the world and expressing themselves, and to live their life to the fullest.

Each child brings a special gift for his or her family and the world. We as the parents and adults can make a difference by welcoming children in a way that allows them to remember who they are, to blossom, and to unfold their talents.

My practice is located in Erie, Colorado, about 40 minutes from Denver and near Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and Lafayette
Therapeutic Services 
Craniosacral Therapy
Especially for babies and children, and during pregnancy and birth
For musicians, dancers, and performing artists
For adults and teenagers
For health practitioners and body workers, who are welcome to explore Craniosacral Therapy for their own wellbeing and to learn something about this special approach toward health

Birth Integration Therapy 
With Birth Integration Therapy I support people of all ages in the process of integrating and healing their own birth experience as well as their earliest imprints from life in the womb.  Suited for babies, children, and families, as well as for adults, and therapists


60 minutes  ~ $110.
This is the usual amount of time for a regular session

90 minutes ~ $160.
If you want to work primarily on emotional topics or trauma healing, longer sessions are recommended.
What to Expect
Sessions take place in my practice in Erie.  Besides a comfortable healing atmosphere, I also provide different toys and materials for your child to express his or her birth story, as well as medical models to look at and learn from.

The number of sessions needed and the best interval between sessions depend on your intention and goal, as well as on your overall health.

If your newborn child needs help during the very first days after birth and it is too early to travel, I can come to your place for the first treatment. Rates may vary on a per case basis.

Please contact me if you or your child are in need of Craniosacral Therapy, but you truly donít have the money. Iím willing to discuss payment plans or other arrangements

About Dr. Angelika 
I am a medical doctor from Germany. Even though I donít practice mainstream medicine anymore, I am very thankful for my thorough training and experience in the medical world. The understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and embryology that it gave me is a solid foundation for my present work.
My work is influenced by training I received in different medical fields, such as Pre- and Perinatal Therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Psychology and Psychological Trauma Therapy, Traditional Western Medicine, Naturopathic and Alternative Medicine, and Energy Medicine.
Having a background of being a pianist, I also offer Craniosacral Therapy for musicians and other performing artist

My current practice is dedicated to preserve health from the beginning. This is why I especially work with babies and children. Treating them before minor imbalances have an opportunity to turn into bigger health problems is very valuable. Taking care of optimal health begins even earlier. I support families during their journey of preparing for conception and during their time of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  During labor, Craniosacral Therapy can provide a measure of comfort.
But Craniosacral Therapy as well as Pre- and Perinatal Therapy is beneficial for all ages.
Before I studied medicine, I was a pianist. This is why from the beginning of my medical training I knew that I wanted to use my highly trained hands to treat people. So in addition to studying medicine and becoming a medical doctor, I also became a Doctor of Chiropractic, providing this care to my hospital patients.  One of my colleagues in the hospital where I worked was actually successful in cases other chiropractic doctors were not. When he introduced me to Osteopathy, I immediately knew that I had to learn this as well. In addition to being a fulltime doctor I studied Osteopathy, bringing back to my patients what I had learned.

What you can achieve with Craniosacral Therapy depends a lot on the practitioner and their training and background. For me, I can integrate all my medical knowledge Ė and Craniosacral Therapy is like a framework for it. This framework includes not only expertise in anatomy, physiology, embryology, and so on, but also a respectful relationship with the patient, as well as acknowledging the soul level of the person and the inner wisdom of his body-mind connection. It is turning medicine into an art.

In my current practice I teach Craniosacral Therapy and Birth Integration Therapy, as well as childbirth education. I also teach parents how to communicate with their babies, before and after birth.
I offer supervision for craniosacral practitioners, and for other professionals who work with babies and children. I am available for in-person sessions as well as phone consultations. The fee for supervision is equivalent to my hourly rate of $110.  I also offer workshops to explore oneís own early history and birth.
Rates for classes and workshops vary, depending on the duration of the class, the number of participants and the location.
You can see me at different events such as Healing Arts Samplers in Niwot and other  venues such as Mile Hi Healthy Happenings in Denver.

Member - Boulder Healing Arts Association