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About BHA

About BHA
 We are an organization of healing arts practitioners and supporters located mainly in the Boulder County - Denver -Ft. Collins area. Our intentions are to help to bring more light into the world.
Through our efforts and of those around us, we can help ourselves, our families, our communities enjoy all the universe has to offer.

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We endeavor to bring our knowledge of our crafts to you with the intent to help you to heal yourself and find fulfillment in your life.  In so doing, all those you come in contact with also benefit, as does the earth and everything on it.  We wish to make available to the community, through fairs, clinics, workshops, lectures, etc., the different methods of healing that are available to us.

Some members are intuitive readers, some are energetic healers and  body workers, and some work with the stars and the plant kingdom.  In whatever realm we do our healing work, it is for the benefit of  Mankind and Mother Earth.  We promote the abundance of all members and nonmembers alike. We promote honesty and integrity with a desire to give and receive from the community.  We encourage ethical business practices and the support of each other's gifts and abilities.