Mia Foley
Shawnee, CO

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Inspired by the magic in the world around us, Mia has dedicated her life to the study of healing and the movement of energy.  A former practicing herbologist, Mia has delved into the world of hands-on-healing utilizing techniques such as Reiki, Hands of Light and crystals as allies.  Looking for yet more growth, she has developed her clairvoyant skills to assist clients by providing insight into life's challenges.   Not to forget our four-legged friends, Mia also works with animals through pet readings and communications.
Mia has introduced Aura Photography to her repertoire of healing and intuitive services.  Every living being has an electromagnetic field around them. The aura camera uses biofeedback to read the energy field and then translates it into colors and vibrations that is transferred to film. Each aura is unique to an individual and reflects what is happening for them on a mental, emotional and spiritual level in that moment. Mia shares what the colors mean, helping one to understand how they 'carry' their energy. This can assist people to gain a broader understanding of themselves including their strengths, the nature and variety of their gifts, emerging changes, and their connection to the Divine
You can meet Mia at different events in the area.  She has participated in BHA events such as Healing Arts Samplers and Psychic Fairs, taking place the 3rd Saturday of the month in Niwot, CO.  Mia also teaches classes in different modalities.
Please contact her for class titles, dates and locations.

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